Need some feedback to synthwave song

Hi, i need some feedback from my song made in collaboration with Stewart Bower:

Ana2 default preset used for lead synth.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @neodeavid

Nice track in the genre, good synths sounds and melody in there.

IMHO you pushed the track to it’s limit in terms of levels, it works but we can start to hear some saturation & distortion if we crank up the volume knob. You still have some headroom in the final mix here but all musical elements are louder than the vocals, therefore they respond more to any processing you’re using on your master bus. I start by this because I found the vocals being very mono and a bit behind the music in terms of levels and increasing the vocals level could lead you to this overall saturation issue, so might be good to level down the music tracks before and then expand the stereo image and push the volume of the vocals a bit further. Using multiple vocals track ( one that you can keep mono and others stereo spreads with + reverb processed ) can also be handy in this case.

Just my 2cents listening feedback here, really though the vocals could benefit of minor tweaks alongside the overall level adjustments.

This could be a very great learning resource for some nice vocals processing & tips.

But yes, it’s a pleasant track in the genre, sending me back to good old Top Gun movie time & Berlin…
Nice work :wink:

Finally, any SoundCloud Link to this track ? YouTube is normalizing tracks levels, so it might end in different listening experience if you upload to SoundCloud, that said the audio quality in your YT video is good, so not a big deal, just a slight preference for SndCld at my own level of things I guess :slight_smile:

@kuchenchef think you will like this one knowing that you’re into synthwave genre, curious to read your feedback since mine is always aiming to some very basics mixing points :slight_smile:

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Listened trough it and its a nice track. Really sounds 80ish :slight_smile:
The only thing i reacted to was the vocals, seems kinda dry. IMO it needs to be a little louder or maybe just some effects.



Nice to read feedback from others :slight_smile: Thanks for getting involved.

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