Need some help with this bass sound please sonic

hey sonic,

im trying to re-create a similar bass sound to this. the main bass that hits on the 1st 2 beats every 2 bars!

really getting on my nerves now :w00t:

i cant figure out if its getting compressed or not, if so, how much compression and also what its main frequencies are. does have a dip in the eq around 200-500 ish? or does have the lows cut out of it? it doesnt sound like its being sidechained but it sits so well on the 1st 2 beats everytime… how is this?

i honestly cant figure it out!

please help sonic.

life or death situation :stuck_out_tongue:

comes in straight away

Its definitely side-chained a bit.

Sounds like there might be a 5th in there too. possibly some static Phaser.

Its quite hard to tell as its embedded in the track quite a bit.

By a fifth, do you mean like a chord?

Is there much compression on it do you think phil?

Like if you have one OSC up +7 and mix it in subtly.

not too much compression… just to get a bit of a dip on the kick.

Cheers phil.

1 last thing. Is there much eq on it? Any cuts or boosts dya reckon?

Really depends on your source.

Source as in what phil?:stuck_out_tongue:

The source you are using (ie synth sound) and what it sounds like compared to what you want it to sound like.

Ok thanks a lot phil!

Am gonna get straight onto it