Need some help with this one

Work in Progress track. Bounced for comments. Mostly need advice around the arrangement, FX, builds and drops.

Thanks for any comments you leave. I seem to be going round in circles on it. I’m pretty happy with the section that drops after the break. Struggling a little with the rest :wink:

EDIT: The link below is a new bounce. I perked up the perc quite a lot. Dropped the old hats, added new mid range percussion. I think that was what it was missing the most. Something to keep it grooving. Also, switched the bass notes around to fit better with the groove instead of just mimicing the chord progression but in a lower register.

I think this moves along a lot better now. Would love to hear your thoughts though.

I’m really sorry but I can’t see why you call it WIP (or incidental bounce)…

This is a nice smooth work, well produced already validated by more than 2000 listeners and many comments!!!:w00t:

Good luck on Beatport.

Maybe I don’t like the last tail those 5 compromising seconds at the end!

Thanks mate but not that one. The Fusion remix is in my forum signature. It’s the other one on Soundcloud I meant. The one called Miles.

Thank you for listening though.

I have now re-embedded the right one above!

Sorry about that.

Definately a very nice mix of Trance’ish elements and Tech House’ish elements.

I cant personally complain. I really liked the way you introduced the second melody as well…

i think its well produced and well put together, my gripes would be as mistro says it sounds a bit like formulaic trance music… thats cool tho, just not for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Patrick. Both you guys are right it’s drifted toward trance for sure. Dunno how that happened. So hard to get a lead sound I’m happy with.

I’ll finish the track off though I think. Gone too far with it to just drop it.

Amended the track quite a bit. New bounce (ver 4) is linked in the first post. Would love to hear your opinions on it.

Thanks guys


my laptop keeps crashing when i play soundcloud tracks today dunno if its the heat or laptops had it but not gonna risk it again :stuck_out_tongue: will check it in cooler weather :slight_smile: