Need your help sorting sounds of my new Track

Hi SA family . i would love to get some feedback in this new track i made using the Main Room house tutorial. i wanted to make it sounds kind of early 90s eurodance stuff but more Housey. I havent mastered this track yet and i am not sure with the arrangements .

this is a new updated version of the original version

sixty days by Aline Nunez

Sounds good to me amigo… defo a summer time feel goood track. nice

thanks friend :smiley:

I like it - the 90’s feel is defiantly there

Great work! I like it a lot!


thanks :D. i am working at the moment rearranging the choon . i think it will sound more energetic after some more automation.

Nice track. Totally feeling the summer vibe good job.

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

i like it, reminds me of something sasha might have played back int he 90’s i think maybe you could look to artists like max cooper, applescal and ryan davis and try to fuse some of what they do into it and it would sound awesome :slight_smile:

thanks man . i will check them out . just wanted to do something different this time :smiley:

i enjoyed it as well… i find it difficult to say what it needs…

Thanks bro :smiley: