Nero rips off Sonic Academy


Did anyone see this commercial?

It just aired and I couldn’t help but notice how it is exactly the same as the Popstep tutorial song except it goes from high to low!!

Did you guys know about this??

okay just let me know something . WTF are this headphones? are this supposed to be Dj Headphones used by everyone ? or whats the whole deal.

when i see some Black people just rocking this **** out , i just wonder why it is so especial

I hate those beats headphones because they’re a prime example of people buying sh*t just for the brand. If they didn’t have Dre’s name on it, I’m sure the sales would be a fraction of what they are, regardless of the quality of the product.

Nero wrote the song before the tutorial was out though: Nero - Me And You - Full Official Video (MTA Records) - YouTube

So from what I gather the tutorial was based around it. Which I’m fine with since it’s meant to be educational, but the riff could’ve been changed a bit more…

Dre dyes his hair - Black.

And why is he throwing sillicon implants at people?

Tit :slight_smile:

this track has been around a while in the uk…

Oh, well I’m glad to see they didn’t get ripped off. I thought it was an original tune created by Sonic.

Yeah, I hate those damn beat headphones. All the kids at college think they are awesome.

One kid asked what kind of headphones I use for producing and I told him I have the Sennheiser HD650’s and he was like, “you should check out the beats audio headphones man.”

It took every ounce of patience to not pimp slap him across the face.

I prefer not having paint in all my gear. So I’ll stick to my AKG’s.

Also, they got to make up they’re mind on what demographic these are meant for. I have a feeling a skater and a dj/producer would not be looking for the same thing in terms specs… The funny thing is, society falls for this ****. “Woah, a different colour, I need that sh!t! I can’t rock these ****ty black beats by dre when everyone else is rocking their coloured ones.”

And then you ask them what they think of their headphones and they say “they’re sick, and they look cool”

ah… No wonder beats by dre headphones dont have their frequency response curve and other specs on their website… They dont even have the frequency bandwidth. How the hell does someone market “dj/producer” headphones without any specs?

(And I have the right to make fun of people like this because I was once a wee little ignorant, branding tard, who bought the beats by dre solo’s… Worst music related investment to date)