Nero Satisfy Get That Sound - Drums / 147

Phil takes a look at NERO's latest release 'SATISFY' - Covering the creation of the Drums in this video

Hello Sonic Academy, i have just signed up. I was watching this tutorial on Youtube, but the part about mixing and making the beat as it sounds in the bass tutorial is missing. I was hoping that i could find it here. Am i missing something, because the beat sounds great in the second part of the tutorial. You are saying something about Techtips 16? Or can you recommend a tutorial that is going deeper into this style of music. Im using Ableton. Cheers!

Hi Regime, it is tech tip 170 -

Also welcome to the SA family, hope you enjoy learning here!

Wow thats quick, thanks! But that are the tutorials i followed on Youtube. They are not explaining the mix down or proces of getting the beat as it is in the second part.

Have you followed the first video, this shows you how to create the drums. These are the exact drums used in video two? Not quite sure what you think is missing. The beat in video 1 is the same as video 2

Also if you click on the 'File and Resources' tab, you can download the Ableton project files for the Nero Bass sound.