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Neuro Serum Presets

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Ready to get down and dirty? Big EDM just rolled out Neuro Serum Presets. This unpredictable and explosive preset pack can hardly be contained. Mechanical structures and time signature changes to blow your mind and leave your muscles twitching long after the song is over. Add some real brutal crunch to your mix with some nasty growls.

These bass sounds have so much grit they make sandpaper feel as soft as toilet paper. With all that gnarly abrasion find out why Big EDM sounds are so sought after. How can synth lines so dirty sound so crystal clear and crisp that you can actually feel the friction? Join in with this pack of presets and find out. There is nothing typical or average about the presets we have set before you. Swoops and transitions that sound as if to be the most advanced technology ever created.

Even the glitch of the machine has been fine-tuned. The forces of nature are being pulled up and down the scale with highly percussive elements darting in and out and all around. All of the sounds are at your command waiting for you to determine their direction.
Neuro Serum Preset Pack and take the night full speed ahead.