**NEW** A Beginners Guide to Music Theory **NEW**

In the first of our Beginners Guide to Music Theory series we look at how to use Rhythm to create a number of different drum patterns for many different genres of music from House and Techno to Hip Hop and Drum ‘n’ Bass. From basic beat patterns to more advanced rhythmic programming we show you all you need to sequence the perfect beat no matter what style of music you’re making. Also we look at how the different rhythms can be used to spice up a boring bassline!


Videos Overview

Lesson 1 - Intro

A quick look into what’s in store for the Music Theory Course

Lesson 2 - Rhythm Settings

Understanding how the grid sequencer window works and how to create different rhythm sizes.

Lesson 3 - Creating a House Drum Beat

How to create a standard house drum beat using kick, snare and hi-hats

Lesson 4 - Syncopated Beats

How to use alternative rhythm positions with in the grid to make the house beat more groove and funk

Lesson 5 - Creating a Techno Drum Beat

A look at the rhythms that are used to create a hard techno drum loop

Lesson 6 - Creating a Hip Hop Drum Beat

Slowing down the tempo, moving the kick drum around and getting a Hip Hop beat sequenced

Lesson 7 - Creating a Drum n Bass Drum Beat

There’s something ruff in the jungle…it’s our guide to making a Drum ‘n’ Bass loop

Lesson 8 - Creating a Breakbeat

Looking at creating both rock and funk style breakbeats

Lesson 9 - Creating Triplet Beats

Using the triplet setting in the sequencing grid to create a swing style rhythm.

Lesson 10 - Using Syncopated Rhythms in Basslines

How using syncopated rhythms can turn a standard one note bassline into something much more rocking!

Lesson 11 - Syncopated Rhythms in Basslines 2

More syncopated rhythms you can add to your rocking basslines!

Lesson 12 - Using Triplets in Basslines

Using the triplet grid to make a swing bass to sync up with the triplet beat.

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Nice one - these are excellent videos! Can’t wait to see how this series develops… :slight_smile:

Now that I watched them, they are a little on the beginner’s side of things, but I am interested in seeing how they progress. I do remember that I had slight trouble with this kinda stuff when I first started.

Good chilled out intro into music theory and a good starting point for anyone thats just started their journey that’s for sure.

We all had to start somewhere, i just wish my early introduction into theory

started out as simple.

Yeah vids are defo begginers but i like the direction the vids are  going :smiley:

On a minor note, I much prefer the new opening to each tutorial. That bloody explosion at the start of each of the old videos used to drive me up the wall!!! :hehe:

Glad you’re enjoying it guys, this one is at a pretty basic level but hopefully when we move onto scales, keys, chords etc there will be plenty of useful content for everyone!

looking forward to that!

Sounds good! :smiley:

Yay really great series start. Just what I needed! Lookin’ forward to the scales/chords etc. :w00t:

Nice one Graham!