New "Chill Out" Track: Broken Piece

My first stab at this Ambient/Chill Out Stuff, feedback would be appreciated. Probably wont be making more of this stuff until I feel I can do it right…

Worth a try though right?

Anyways, enjoy, it was fun making it thats for certain!

really enjoyed that, very cinematic, like the sceen in the movie where someone is by the shore and they realise they have lost everything or somethign :P, yeah was cool :smiley:

That was great. Wasn’t sure about the auto panning at first near the start but then it dropped off. Liked the little bass bomb effect too.

Nice piece, very emotional. Captures a little bit of nostalgia and loneliness. Would definitely go great with a video or film.

Thanks everyone for listening, honestly quite surprised people are actually enjoying it :stuck_out_tongue:

@ekko & Masseve:

Always love listening to some Hanz Zimmer, this was definately influenced by him, hence the tone of the track, just gave it a synth feel instead of an orchestra :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback :smiley: The auto panning was originally only added cause as I increased the cutoff it drowned everything out, felt like an appropriate move at the time. Might have been better to not be lazy and actually throw in an EQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job Mistro!

I pretty much agree with everyone else’s feelings about this.

It’s a nice change of pace.

very nice dude, good use of reverb to set the mood… nice piano piece… always got time for keeping your production skills open and doing what ever you feel like :smiley:

Thanks for the comments! Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Its looking good keep improve yourself. so that you can be a better musician in the year of 2013 or after that year end.

I enjoy stuff like this :smiley: loved it

Thanks :smiley:

@Subject1, I saw your IDM/Downtempo request in the tutorial section, that Illabye track alongside Deadmau5 Bleed and A Moment to Myself pretty much got me starting this project :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone on Soundcloud requested to do a remix, I doubt it’ll happen but I uploaded the stems anyway, if anyone else wants to sample em or do anything with em here they are:

Dry Stems:!download|27|1532910261|Broken_Piece__Dry_Stems.rar|199813

Wet Stems:!download|650|1141017225|Broken_Piece__Wet_Stems.rar|288068

Midi Files:!download|159|2922776826|Broken_Piece_-_MIDI.rar|1

Hope the links work, if you do use em I wouldnt mind hearing how it was used! No credit needed (Doubt I need to even say it :P).