New "Chill Out" Track: Einsturzen (Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin Adaptation)

A sort of adaptation/remix of Deadmau5 Faxing Berlin done in a few spare hours I had today... Done on really weak headphones as my others got lost somehow... (These headphones dont even have an f'n centre so I cant even tell if the kick is a kick, I did modulate and take its low end off on purpose though).
Anyways, another try at Chill Out even though I said I wouldnt be doing it again for a while but its what I had...

Tried that Compression thing Subject suggested, dont think I compressed enough... Again cant tell at all with these absolute-garbage-wanna-kick-myself-in-the-face headphones!

Anyways let me know what you think... Its kinda awkward in a scary and interesting way putting up a track where I dont even know what it sounds like... Heres hoping the interesting part pays off and not the scary part :P

tl;dr: I dont know what I wrote... :P

Low end is very busy.

I really like you’re work with keys tho, if i ever need help with a piano soun im def gonna give you a shout if thats cool???

Thanks. I guess my rubbish headphones cant pick up the low end :frowning: I think I might cry cause I cant seem to find a new pair of headphones fast enough :frowning:

Anyways about the keys I’ll be straight up honest with you in that I use the Tonehammer Emotional Piano sample pack (now Soundiron Emotional Piano)… I tend to open up three or so instances of the packs Piano varieties…

Usually two of the same, one panned slightly left and the other slightly right with one an octave lower and slightly quiter. For the third I usually use something from the FX pieces, keep that in the center and lower its volume (usually try and get one that sounds like a lot of feedback, not necessarilly a piano itself, gives it a pad’ish feel).

After that I add some phaser (a bit, even then a bit which is just slightly too much can really ruin the sound of a piano, especially in regards to the attack), some saturation and send it LOADS to different reverbs (usually one mono delayed reverb and one wide and effected (things like Phasers, Redux before the verb, etc) reverb).

I also tried Subjects Compression suggestion from the other thread/track I posted and it seems to work (obviously again on these headphones I cant really say much just yet).

Its an expensive pack but its the best thing I have purchased after NI Massive, honestly its so f’n good I love the pack to bits! I abuse it though…

Cheers for sharing man, appreciated, im gonna look into that now,

Yeah you need to get those headphones asap.

I use a set of monster beats… DO NOT BUY THESE (i hate them, they were a present from my girlfriend, dont tell her I said that tho haha)

I have the Beats myself (the headphones I lost technically) so I definately know what your talking about… Absolute garbage for the price I paid for them :frowning: and I bought em second hand at like half the retail price…

Its kinda a two sided thing loosing the headphones… Theres the opportunity to finally get me some HD650’s which I have wanted for a while but theres the fact that I havent been able to listen to proper music in about 3 days :frowning: