New "Chill Out" Track: Simpler Times

A little weird piano'ish chill out track. Lots of atmospherics... Very basic mix... Enjoy!

Would make it a bit longer. And add a bit more dynamics. Bring in some elements, remove some, etc.

But the atmosphere is indeed nice

try adding soft drumming, even only a kick and a hat would work .

Soothing but incomplete.

Thanks Daniaan, I think in regards to Dynamics I squashed the piano too much and the attack lost its prominence. I’ll be sure to retain some of it next time to fill the track in terms of dynamics.

Thanks Bogdi; but I think drums go entirely against the track in this case. Understandable with a lot of other Chill Out tracks but this track is dependent on its background elements like its atmospherics and the piano.

Will definately consider soft drumming for my next Chill Out attempt (if I do another chill out track).

i understand what you’re saying . Just that I pictured it with drums in my mind and it sounded pretty awesome and incredibly chill. This is the closest idea of drums i could find

good luck with your work! :smiley:

If I could get it like Mount Kimbe and get that post-dubstep sound I would definately go for it, but that stuff is difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

Im a slow learner :frowning:

Thanks again bogdi!

hmm ok. Good luck on your musical journey .

I’ll probably make a tutorial to explain to you how to get those awesome drums in the coming days if I have enough time on my hands.