New chilled melodic thing

feedbacks welcome :slight_smile:

Just listened to this again, really a great track.

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cheers dude, these are more hummed in melodies, i wasnt so fond of them to begin with but when i developed them into a whole track they grew on me a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: its funny how the humming can go sometimes it goes weird sometimes a little more sweet and the more pleasing ones seem to put me off the most as this one did :stuck_out_tongue:

Really gotta try this humming thing out…! Just need to get my hands on Melodyne and a recorder :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice beats Ekko, which parts are hummed? The shuffle sound is coming through a little high for me and maybe the kick could have a bit more weight behind it, but overall I really like this track!

Really like the little breakdowns and my feet are still tapping and I’m humming it in my head as I type this with no sound playing! :smiley:

both the melodic parts were hummed, tho i had to fix some bum notes as im not always in key, sometimes i find i’m actually humming in a key below and have to transpose up a key but its good fun cos you come up with patterns you might not normally find from just drawing in as i usually do… also i quantise what ive hummed cos im not always in time either :stuck_out_tongue: im actually recording through my laptop mic which is rubbish, but its a cheap and cheerful way to get ideas into the computer :stuck_out_tongue: