New Complextro - based on Chris Agnelli's course - but done in Ableton

hi - followed Chris’s tutorial for Logic… couldn’t match all the stock ES-1 etc. sounds, but deviated anyway… a great tutorial. Thanks so much, Sonic Academy - and thanks Chris Agnelli! br
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updated! re-did the tutorial using presonus studio one. easier to follow the logic workflow outlined by Chrisbr
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oops - I forgot to mention I still have to finish off the tutorial, do the glitchy supatrigga stuff - but I got so excited about the workflow in presonus studio one that I had to post a draft version! cheers!

final version for my new album… cheers!br
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this final was done in Presonus Studio One latest version… very easy to translate Chris’ logic pro workflow to Presonus - same idea with busses. I know how I’d do it in ableton now - but I’d still bounce out the stems to presonus - it sounds cleaner. all those complextro elements…