New Content on Sonic Academy?

Hi Guys

Let me start by saying I have learnt a hell of a lot from Sonic Academy and am extremely glad to have subscribed.  The Glitch Step house tutorial alone was worth the subscription fee.

However, having viewed most of the videos that interest me I am noticing the pace of new content seems to have slowed a bit.  I know you guys have had some issues and have stepped in to keep SA afloat, which was a great things to do.  I’m just now hoping that the addition of quality new content picks up again so that existing subscribers find a reason to keep on subscribing and recommending the site out to friends.

I think what would be really helpful would be some advance notice for subscribers about what is on the way over the coming months.  That way even if there is a delay in the new content appearing at least we have a heads up on what to look out for

My own personal wish list include an updated Electro/Complextro series for 2011/12, Dedicated EQ series and some more of the excellent fundamentals of music theory in the context of EDM production delivered by the American tutor (whose name completely escapes me, apologies)

Again guys, I’m not trying to be negative about SA, its a brilliant site.  Just a request for you to start doing what you do best again and sharing the knowledge

Best Regards


We have graham and Chris back doing some content which should start flowing soon… Jamie is also working on his next theory course and I’ll be continuing with more stuff… It has been a bit slow last couple of months with a bit of our attention focused on a few exciting new things which will start to be revealed in the next few weeks/months.

We are always looking more content creators so if you think you know any send them our way!

[quote]phil johnston (28/10/2011)[hr]Jamie is also working on his next theory course [/quote]

look forward to that!! :smiley:

If this was youtube that response would deserve a thumbs up :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to this excellent stream of new content coming online. I’ll send you a pm with some ideas for content creators



I cannot wait for the return of Ginters!! Phil have you been keeping him locked in your basement?