New customer - two questions please

I just purchased your ANA 2 VST. Two questions please:

  1. Where do I put the 1.5GB Sign up pack on my computer for the plugin to find them?
  2. The plugin freezes up after attempting to scroll through presets. How do I stop this? I have to reboot ableton in order for it to unfreeze.


The free sample pack is just a stand alone sample pack for use in your DAW… you can put it anywhere. The. Just link Ableton file browser to it and you can preview the samples and drag them on to your time line as needed.

ANA 2 shouldn’t stall on preset switching. Defo something we will need to look in to.

Drop a message to with details about your system… operating system, cpu etc.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 114120

Will send you an email. Thanks.

On the freezing/crashing - what I am now seeing if that the plugin “may” still be working, but the cursor is no longer visible. So I can’t chose presets to really test since I can’t point to where I am going.

Thanks for the answer on the “sample pack”. I put that in my SAMPLES folder and will add it to a sorter. But, in the pull down Preset in the plugin, there is a “multi sample expansion” area that is completely blank. That is where I thought the “free” samples were supposed to go. Are there “multisample expansion” packs that you are selling that are supposed to go in this section?

Have you tried opening the preset browser by clicking on the preset name and trying selecting presets in there?

Yes we have a multisample expansion pack with top notch pianos, strings, chorus, guitars etc.

I just sent you an email about AVA 2 freezing and not usable. Please let me know about troubleshooting.

And I purchased your expansion pack to see if the blank areas showed up. Unfortunately, the freezing is now worse. Ugh.

Hi there Wes

This might be a corrupted ANA 2 installation ( could be due to manually adding samples from the pack into ANA 2’s folders ). Best is to go through a Clean Install for ANA 2.

Received your email at support but you haven’t specify any system details.

Are you on a Mac or a Windows PC ?

Thanks for letting me know and I will send you an email with a step by step guide for ANA 2 Clean Install.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Ooops. Sorry. I am on a high end Windows 11 PC. Trying your plugin first on Ableton, but I also have FL studio and Studio One.

I will try a fresh install later today. See if that works.

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Thanks :wink:

I will send you an email with a guide for a Clean Install on Windows, there’s some extra files that you need to manually delete.

Cheers :sunglasses:

email sent now :+1:

Please make sure to check your Spam/Junk folders for unwanted emails :wink:

Hopefully the Clean Install should resolve this, let us know :sunglasses:

Just replied. The new install is worse. Ableton completely freezes when I try to go through the arrow presets too fast. I have to wait 1 to 5 seconds to chose a new preset and everything locks up during this time.

I forgot to note on the email that the CPU meter is only going up to 8%. So something else is wrong…

And I purchased the Expansion. Isn’t there supposed to be more than 2 extra? I refreshed a couple of times and again, the plugin and ableton completely lock up.

1 - Do you have any controller attached to your PC ( possibly Native Instruments controllers ) or/and are you using scripts inside Ableton Live MIDI Remote Scripts folder ?

2 - For the ANA 2 Multisample Expansion pack, you should definitely see other presets after running the pack installer.

Seems the pack is not correctly installed on your computer.

Defintily seems to be something wrong with your ANA 2 installation.

Best way to solve this is to arrange a remote session with you via Teamviewer to check your installation.

I will send you an email from support to let you know how to arrange this.

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Yeah there should be 200 presets there.

There must be an issue somewhere on your system.

We will probably have to get someone to do a Remote Desktop in to your PC to see if we can fix.

Let us when would be a good time to do this?

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Haha… beat me to it.

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:wink: :sweat_smile:

Sent you the email.

I’m available now if you want, otherwise please let me know by email a day and time that suits you best.

No Teamviewer ID & password here on the forums please, the forums are on public reading access.

We can use the PV chat tho, I’ll msg you :sunglasses:

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  1. Yes. I have a Maschine MK3, Akai APC64 and M-Audio Oxygen Pro connected to my computer. I was using the Oxygen Pro keyboard to test the sounds.

  2. I rebooted my computer and started ableton again with the plugin. The expansion finally showed up. But still the massive lag and cursor not moving in between presets.

I will respond to your email.

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OK, if you check your *C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts* folder, you might have Some NI scripts for your Maschine MK3 device in there. That could be the issue.

If that’s the case, then try to move those NI Scripts files into a temporary folder onto your desktop to see what happens.

Edit : and if there’s no NI scripts in there, you should try to unplug each controller and check again how long does it take to swap presets then.

But we’ll check all this during the remote desktop session :wink:

For anyone reading this thread:

Stef and Sonic Academy is one of the very small amount of companies who actually take the time to help troubleshoot a problem with their products. I highly recommend supporting them by purchasing something from them. It is rare to get support in this space nowadays for anything.

Thank you Stef for your time. ANA2 works as expected now.


Thanks for your positive feedback, much appreciated ! :wink:

No worry, happy to help here :+1:

The VST 2 works fine now yes, still a bit weird what’s happening with the VST 3 taking much longer to browse through presets.

I will try to see if I can replicate something similar here :sunglasses: