New Dance Label Looking for Artists

Just saw this in another forum.

If you think you have what it takes send em your stuff. Their looking!!

Cool find will, well done man .:slight_smile:

yeah nice one will, i’m glad there is someone who is willing to let us in with labels n such

no problem!! we should all be helping each other!! no matter what genre we like we all have a common passion for EDM

i have no doubt that i will be a signed artist one day so it doesn’t really matter to me who gets what and when. if i see it i’m throwing out there.

hope this helps and if i see anymore i will pass it along… as everyone should!!:wink:


I hope they like me and Robins Gabba tunes :slight_smile:

thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Thank you guys !! Man this site helps in every way :wink: