New deep house track by me

Has some of my breakbeat influences in there too br
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So for my taste to many delays on the stabs, makes everything not handy. The groove of percusssion and delays somehow are not really working together, ther is no drive who is pulling you to the next bar/beat everything just wobbels arround without any drive. Maybe less delays, more sidechaining so it will pump better together, the volumes are as well not good balanced. And an more interesting groove in percussion, bassline will add the missing drive. Maybe place them lesser but more targeted. So it will sound in the end as well more transparent. You neeed to work out the tensionline… Sorry ma men, thats just my opinion. :slight_smile: Hope it will help you a bit.

I asked for feedback, thanks for taking the time to feedback :slight_smile: br
What levels seem particularly out to you? Thanks again.

Especial the level from the delayed stab-sound in the first part of the song. But thats not the major-problem, like I described you in the first post.