New deep house track - Geiger

Hey guys

It’s been ages since I uploaded a new track to SC. Months even. I blame work and videogames. :wink:

So, here’s the new track. I’m happy with the composition and the overall sound but I’d really like you to listen to let me know how the mix plays out on your systems.

Any noises stand out TOO much or too little? Is the bass nice and deep without being rumbly? You know, that kind of thing.

As usual it’s not mastered properly. Just a limiter plus Vintage Warmer on the master channel.

Anyway, thanks for taking a listen and commenting.

Block.Punch - Geiger by Block.Punch

good stuff, really well put together i thought :slight_smile:

really nice track, enjoyed listening to it!

I think some of the drums and percussion sounds could do with a bit of sparkle in the top end to bring them out a bit. Some of the sounds seemed to be slightly masked. Perhaps take an EQ to each sound and ruthlessly cut frequencies on each track to bring out whats there with the others.

overall great arrangement and solid tune mate!

Cheers fellas.

Doron, I’ll take a look at those perc sounds. Thanks again

hey, anyone else had a chance to play this out and see if it’s mixed ok?

bump, last chance to comment as I’ll need to take this down before I send it off to labels.


Cant really comment much on your mixdown, sounded perfect to me everything was audible, had its own space and the track itself was outstanding!

Always love listening to your stuff!

Good luck with this one, I usually dislike Deep House, didnt expect to like it but I really did enjoy that!

Thanks mate. Glad you had a chance to listen and comment.

I’ve locked it now. Sending it off to some labels. Gonna try the big boys first. Probably get the usual response of not even listening to it but you never know.