New electro house tune posted after watching the funkasaruas videos

hi people i have posted new track called dirty dancing ,please follow the link and, leave your comments and suggestions, it will be gratefully apprecieated good or bad mikki pegg: 

hi dude, nice track.

deep, trippy and dubby. Try it with less beats, almost like with the drum programming i was expecting the grooves to pick up if u get what i mean but it stays deep and dubby.

gotta remember im pretty knew to this myself and comments are based on my own preferences, but likin the sound, id try the same track with dif drum programmin, minimal,dub, head down and shufflin stylee:hehe:

thanks for your opinion ill re work it with a little less goin on and build to it,it sounds alot better through the matin audio monitors and a great big fishing bass bin though i must say ,ill check your tunes out man and i appreciate your opinion,what tip do you mainly produce, mikki:D

i meant a great big fxxking bass bin