New "Electro" Track: Stranger

A lot more "fun" than most my other tracks... Very simple, not too much going on but I like it like that (plus I am lazy, busy studying for exams).
Anyway, feedback as always is appreciated! Thanks!

enjoyed that, could fit well in a sci fi thriller or something, evoked something in me anyways which is what music should do i guess, i would have liked it to break up a bit with mabye alternate section, or just dropping some stuff out and building it up again but its a nice idea :slight_smile:

Definately agree bro, wanted to do more but as usually time restraints just chuck my wants out the window :frowning:

Tried to keep it as varied as possible with the few elements it has. Just realized the biggest mistake was a lack of fx.

Thanks as always for the feedback ekko, always comes in handy!

I agree with Ekko, I reckon a little mini-break somewhere in there, nothing too major, would build the tension back up in it.

But it had my feet tapping from start to finish so kudos to you! :smiley:

Thanks appreciate the compliment :smiley:

Will definately consider redoing this track if I get the time :wink:

Really nice track. Has a superb groove and a really nice atmospheric feel while still being very danceable.

As others have said, it needs a little more variation / mini breakdowns – just a few beats here and there. Pull the kick and the bass, main riff, etc.

Would also love the kick to be a little “tougher” and the bassline to have more weight / impact.

Bassline could definately do with more weight, shoulda added a sine wave under it in the synth… Thanks for the tips bro! And the compliment ofcourse!

Of course. Listening again, the other thing that stands out is the main melody is a little “weighty” at times – maybe an HPF to thin it out during the more driving sections.

The percussion in general seems to need a little more pop to it – just a little bit dull. That might be intentional – but if it were MY track, I give it a little more crackle.

Again, great tune. Some mastering and a little EQ, and just a few changes to arrangement and you have a winner.

For some reason it reminds me of “The 16th Hour” by Deadmau5. Give that track another listen for a master a work using very repetitive elements and making them last FOREVER. Track is nearly 10m and it never gets old for me.

Thanks for the advice!

Love The 16th Hour myself, fantastic tune, nice to know it reminds you of it!

I’d balance those synths a bit more with the beat of the track. For me the lead and bass are overpowering the beat a bit too much.

You could also try to sidechain and EQ it a bit more, so you have more room for the kick and snare.

It does have that creepy kinda twist. I did enjoy listening to it :smiley:

Thanks daniaan, you always give great feedback!

Will start work on this again as soon as exams are over, heres hoping I can apply what you guys want…

Can’t really add anything to the comments above. Def has a sci-fi ish feel to it.