New Electronica Track & Vid - Inspired by Boards of Canada

After listening to Boards of Canada all weekend i felt inspired to make some kind of emotive & twisted electronica, which is the first time i’ve attempted to produce this kind of music.

It turned out a little darker and more twisted than i originally planned, and the video certainly takes it to a whole new level. It even trips me out a little!

I’d be interested to get some feedback as this is the first time i’ve attempted to make this genre.

I know it’s probably a bit too long, but i actually played all the parts live after putting them together in session view. This was the original take with no changes made to it. To be honest i really enjoyed doing it this way which was a first for me, i really got in the zone and let the music guide itself rather than spending far too long deliberating what should go where in arrangement view.

Hi Mozzatron,

This stuff is amazing.  I must say it rather reminded more of Amon Tobin then Boards of Canada.  But since I like Tobin’s music better, I must say: great! 

It is on the lengthy side, it could do with a few minutes less :wink: But to be honest, I listened through the whole 13:40, and I was able to resist skipping through it (and that means a lot).  But maybe try and cut a few sections.

I also noticed that alot of the action is focused rather on the left side, so you might want to check your pan-settings. Of course it’s possible that you meant to do this, in which case, you can totaly ignore this last bit :) 

The rythm section seems to me like it’s the same through the whole song.  You might want to let it evolve more.  Something like a bit of crushing or overdrive which builds gradually and drops away like up to the point around 3:55. 

I’dd recommend checking out some Amon Tobin for inspiration, he’s a true wizard!

Anyway: on the whole: great stuff!


Hey Nico

Thanks for the feedback mate.

Funny you should mention Amon Tobin, i actually saw him at the Opera House a couple of months ago for his ISAM performance which absolutely blew me away. I think that’s what inspired me to start putting visuals to my songs. It really brings them alive.

It’s interesting that you made a point of things being more panned to the left. I actually sit closer to my second speaker which makes it ever so slightly more prominent when i’m listening back so i obviously missed out on that one, glad you pointed that out!

I’ve got some other similar electronic tracks i’m working on at the minute. I’ll be sure to post them when i finish, be good to hear what you think.