New French Electro Choon

I’ve posted on soundcloud as usual. Damn but there’s no end to your styles :w00t:

Great track.

Thanks Brother :smiley:


Sounds really fat, you really have done a good job on the mixdown, everything sounds crystal. I’m loving all the glitchy bits around 1.20. Good job!


That sounds tidy man.

Sick work.

thanks for listening man !! :slight_smile:

Very nice track. A touch repetative but thats the style and it suits it well

thanks for listening bro, I will keep that in mind and try to work on it in the future :smiley:

Damn your skills!! :smiley:

haha, I love it :slight_smile:

excellent excellent track. get it out to the labels. :wink: some real nice drops

thanks brother. yeahh i will try to do that . :smiley:

I like this, nice and phatt! sounds clean & freash, good work fella

thanks for the Feedback bro :smiley: