New funky house rework needs you to rip it appart with your comments

please type the link in your browser make your comments

i will listen to any person who spares the time to check out my music,if you are into tunes that make you dance then this is a must.thanks to those who have gave good advise thus far dudes,knowledge;) is power

I could have sworn I already replied to this…

I like it, sounds quite similar to the Kanye West one but deeper.

Good work.

Sweet, i like it.

Can’t really put my finger on anything to comment or critique in perticular -but i like the overall fell and groove. Well done m8

Aight partna,

I like what your doing. I think though that your levels are a bit pony. You need to beef up the bass and kicks and get a little “umph” into this. Maybe it’s just your upload, but I feel like its lacking quite a bit of depth. Your groove is hot, and your sounds are spot on, but it just feels home brewed. I say remaster that puppy. Widen it a bit, and then ask again. I feel like what you’ve posted isn’t doing your level of talent justice. Don’t rush things… Have you mixed this song with other songs in a set? How did it sound?. You need to make sure that what you’re putting out can be mixed, and the levels are similar. Like I said, not bashing, the track is sweet, but the levels are pony. Put some “umph” in this shit kid! Looking forward to hearing more from you!


raymondo thanks for your advise dude ,ill work on it ill put up a new lick for you to ripp up mikki pegg