New garage house


Well done. The bass is like butter and overall it’s a round and relaxing listening.

I’m curious about that noise in the background. Sounds like vinyl crackle. Is it a pure stylistic choice or does it also have some “technical” benefits?

Nice track… Bass does sound very nice… kick is tiny bit clicky for me for me

Thank you Ive been struggling to mix my bass with my headphones so this makes me happy :slight_smile: and the vynil noise just adds a bit of warmth and background noise wich I like. I listen to a lot of old 90s house :). Although I did notice a couple of clicks and pops that are not ment to be there haha…

Cheers Phil. I struggle to make good sounding kicks with kick 2. I’ll keep at it :slight_smile:

Nice one, classic house feel & sound, like it :wink:

Agree with the bass & clicky Kick comments, those crackles didn’t bother me during the listening, I think it’s giving a nice flavor/color to the track.

For my own suggestions : leveling down those riding Hats and giving more reverb to them could be nice too, as well as the male voice and giving it some more “washed” effect by the end of phrases, very much In You Face right now.

Cheers !

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