New house track

Hey guys, have a listen to my latest track. Hope you all like it

DjliciousBeatz - Brainstorm (Original Mix) by DjliciousBeatz

I don’t know if it’s just my ears but i think i hear some clipping. cool track otherwise though!

It’s underneath the high castonets or whatever percussion that is

The piano toward the end doesn’t really fit with you’re lead. Its too complex compared to the simple lead. It could work a bit better if you raise it an octave? I don’t know for sure, I’m just kinda guessing. But try it out. Its just cause the piano is under a simple lead, yet it is more complex. Generally speaking, the lead of a track is the most complex/melodic. Not saying this is a MUST FOLLOW rule. But it helps

yeah agree with yeti.

piano sounds good in the first time around (1 to 2 minutes ) but gets confusing near then end and gets buried under the saw.

Thanks for all your feedback guys, I also wasnt too happy with the piano to be honest but now I am sure about changing it. I’ll post the changed version back when I’m finished with it :slight_smile: