New House Track

House track, I’m thinking about changing the chopped up guitar sound - I’m interested in anyone options on that or anything else.

Also Soundcloud has added an odd metallic sound to some of the bass, it isn’t on the wav. I will haver to try and sort  it out ont he next mix.

Oh yeah, kudos to anyone who can spot which record I sampled for this :smiley:


<EMBED height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=“100%” src=;show_comments=true&amp;auto_play=false&amp;color=ff7700 allowscriptaccess=“always”> AntJam - Miss me by AntJam

It has a nice groove to it. Could be mixed down a touch better so the bass shines through more. Maybe less full in areas as it needs time to breath and change :smiley:

Thanks JapWow, as always some really good insight from you :slight_smile:

Ant - Sorry I never replied man.

Its a bit housy for me… but I wanted to say that I liked it.

All the sounds breaks etc… sound slick - A1.

The production sounds very clean & professional Mate. Just wanted to tell you that I liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Yes, this I know this is much too housey for you, so I really appreciate you having a listen. :slight_smile:

I know… but I think its good man :cool:

I like it. Very groovy, has a Friday night feel to it.

nice tune.

listened a couple of times and it might be slightly light in the bass region, but thats only relative to other tracks i’ve had on this afternoon which are a completely different style.

On laptop speakers the mid bass is almost audible but disappears under the rest of the mid. bangs in the headphones tho :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.:smiley:

I’ve done some work to the bass last night and when I get a chance I want to do a couple of other things to the mixdown, then I will repost.

I liked it, nice and groovy! Had me swinging my desk chair left and right :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it nice work. Maybe a bit more umph to the low end of the bass, but other than that really dig it