New House Track

Hi guys, I just wanted to share this track with you for some feedback. It’s a house track built around an 808 kick baseline, a cowbell loop, a vocal stab and then some piano stabs from Sylenth (the demo version!), ANA and the Korg M1 Legacy.

Unfortunately due to my current living arrangements I haven’t got my monitors set up, so I’ve had to produce this in my headphones (HD25s). So I can’t really say how it’s going to sound on speakers, hopefully ok!

My personal criticism of the track is that the stab sounds get a little repetitive, but I’ve tried to counter that by automating the filter cutoffs, the delay and adding additional elements as the song progresses. I’ve only been producing for about 6 months, so I know as I get more familiar with chords and basslines I’ll hopefully write more interesting songs.

Just for additional info, the cowbell was a loop from a sample pack and that was the starting point. I also used a couple of other loops for the percussion sounds, but edited them and eq’d them to get the parts I liked.

i think it sounds very good for something you wrote on headphones, its generally not the kinda stuff i listen to but i wasnt offended by any of the noises :P, my take on tracks like this is that i think you have to do something really special/different to make it stand out from the crowd, but i’ll leave that up to you :slight_smile:

Nice and groovey! Enjoyed that :smiley:

One thing I wasnt too keen on was the weird deep vocal things? It’s definately a love it or hate it thing since I have noticed a lot of tracks use vocals in that style and some people love it…

You had me at 808 and Cowbell

Id play this, it would sit nicely a couple of tracks into a set when im in Jackin House mode.

Ohhh yeah i forgot to say, record what you make in the demo of sylenth to an audio track, and you can easily cut out that annoying “thank you for using this demo”

Thank you all for listening, and thanks for the feedback.

Some other people have told me that the track sounds a bit ‘hollow’, and on listening again I agree, I think I could ease back on the reverb on the cowbell. Since it’s a core element of the track I might want to have it sitting more centrally in the mix.

Also I guess that since I dont have any hardware or software ‘vintage’ sound processing going on, there’s not much warmth to the track (I’m thinking specifically of the Vintage Warmer that I’ve seen being used).

Yeah I’m hopefully moving into a new house in a week or so, so I’ll get my monitors set up and have a go at better mastering, then I’ll post it online!

And yes, I’ll record the Sylenth1 output to audio too :slight_smile: