New House Tune

Hey guys here is a new track I’ve been working on, feedback and ways to improve would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

L.I.A by Ben Lloyd

fun track :slight_smile:

good start dude, you could really get some other stuff in after/during the breakdown, a single screechy pad or some other melodics to keep things interesting and the listeners on their toes… of course I’d always say that since I go crazy on filling a tune with as much melodic elements as possible :w00t:

Thanks for the reply guys

I’ll certainly take that into consideration, may touch it up when I get some motivation lol :smiley:

it really is a fun track, nice work man diggin the vibe :wink:

Nice track.
Maybe place some crashes on the 4s and hats on the ands after the breakdown. IMO that part should be the songs peaking point.

Thanks very much guys

Great to have some constructive feedback, really appreciate it, may have a fiddle with it after I’ve let my ears settle a bit from it. At the moment I feel like I’ve listened to it about 50000 times in the last week lol :).