***new - how to sound like - swedish house mafia***


Parts 1 - 4 now online with the full project files and samples


It’s amazing how you guys get these tutorials to sound so much like them. Too bad I can’t do the same! hah.

Will keep working at it though.

Once again top dollar absolutly bang on the money - plus the producers i’m into what a bonus.

Hey Phil,

thank you very much for your hard work. now i do understand, why it takes so long.

will you be adding more videos with regard to the arrangement?

i’m really bad at harmony - could you also show how to use the improvisator or some chord tables on the net to methodically construct variating harmonic progressions? for example, how would I go about making those nice harmonies you have in that song when starting from that repetitive melody you talk about throughout the tutorial.

finally - it would be great if you could add a vocal to this track and tell us how to make it sound good with the notes.

anyway. great stuff!!!



I have parts 5-8 recorded will try to edit and up over the weekend… stuff on arranging bit about the chords and the FX.

I actually had a vocal on it but it sounded poor… Ive got a dude im getting to try some stuff on it.

good vocals really comes down to good vocalist…

Ive recruited a few randomers off myspace to do vox on a few tracks in the past… worked out well.

just search for singer on myspace.

Phil izz brilliant!great analysis of a track!

i got a question regarding the lead sampled from minimoog. i am on mac an dont have the vst for it, so i couldnt open ur patch, so i set my minimoog as you got it on the video, but it doesnt sound like it. i tried to sample a note, but the note doesnt keep its intensity. your sampled note is long and at the same volume throughout. with the set up i see on the video , if i draw a long note to sample it, the note sustain is weak n dies.

also ,ur note, seems to be a bit woobly at its end, do u use an lfo to modulate your filter ?

Also when u sample, which note would you sample, if the range of the note you play is between C3 and C4, would you go for one half way(like F3). Finally to get that electro opening sound,on the minimoog, you’d open up the decay volume envelope? as there is no release n sustain doesnt seem to do the trick. so would it be : open filter frequ, decay volume envelope, amount of contour?

thank you

yeah there is def a lfo modulating the pitch. its very small amounts.

ill have to have a look again at the other settings … but i think legato mode is switched on for the sustain.

I always sample the closest C

thanks. yes if u could look into it and let me know.

also u seem to only open the filter cut off in the video and it sounds as if the release is opening too. i thought u need to open the decay too ( i just read on manual of minimmog that decay n release are linkeed).

a good video, short juicy, could be to show how to build a nice electro opening up decay/release on a virtual analogue synthesizer.

sampling to the nearest C.

if you cover an octave range , wouldnt it better to have one of the middle notes sampled?

anyway, when you say the nearest C, do you mean the lowest C ?


Loved to SHM tute and also the Ableton 8 preview. I bought Sylenth - what a great sounding synth. Could do with more patches. I put the following together using the in-built patches with very little tweaking (but a whole lot of sidechain!).