New HTSL Idea... Trentemoller!

What does everyone think of a HTSL Trentemoller? I love his sound and would be really interested to see how his sounds are created.

isn’t that ambient chill out sort of stuff. if so then defo a big fat “NO”

ambient music is for producers that couldn’t figure out how to use the drum machine properly.

if it hasn’t got a big phat kick then it isn’t dance music.


Look for Du What You Du (Trentemoller Remix). Doesn’t sound ambient to me.



that sound quite good actually mate, i stand corrected

Thank you…

Don’t ever doubt me again!



I really really wanna see Trentemoller LIVE

yes I would really love a tutorial on him , and I don’t mind whether it’s chillout music or not ( “take me into your skin” is excellent BTW )

You obviously have not listened to many Trentmoller records, or seen this artist “live”?


I can definitely tell you it is nowhere near Ambient, more like some of the best Minimal Tech you will ever hear.

I agree, it would be very inspirational to take a look under the hood and get an insight of how his tracks are build.

Trentmoller would an absolute peach…

What does everyone think about Stephan Bodzin -

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Mr Rother

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[quote]jon_fisher (5/28/2009)[hr]isn’t that ambient chill out sort of stuff. if so then defo a big fat “NO” […] if it hasn’t got a big phat kick then it isn’t dance music.[/quote]

Actually, I would like to watch HTSL tuts on other musical genres than dance music as well. Taste varies and personally I prefer chill, minimal electronica and ambient over dance music… :slight_smile:

I just don’t think would be easy or possible to do something like a HTSL for Trentemoller, it’s a very complex sound specially on this last album. He mixes a lot of organic sounds with detuned cool and big vocals and big reverb and spacy drums, it’s one of my favourite producers by far, he sets the pace and what you guys and me could learn from him is to try to find your own identity while sequencing or producing stuff, Trentemoller rocks!

i’m defo up for alot more technoey stuff, not so much minimal though as surely its just less parts, maybe some dubfire, booka shade, oliver huntemann, etc.

sasha would be ideal but pinning him down to a specific genre would be difficult but if we’re talkin tracks then the style of mongoose or who killed sparky would be the shizzle!

totally agree with the trentmoller and stephen bodzin comments though.