New Kit

After having problems using my studiologic midi keyboard with windows 7 64 bit i have invested in an m-audio oxeygen 49. Got to say its quite impressive bit cheap looking in build but good for the studio. Plus straight into USB and takes the power from that. 49 keys and knobs and faders. Ideal at £119 - bought it from HTFR and service and delivery were great:)

cool keyboard, i hate to say this though. you got it from the most expensive place on the internet

they usually sell for around £80.

HTFR are ok but they are usually about 20-40% more expensive on this sort of thing :slight_smile:

No probs john - thanks for the heads up.

I was impressed with the service and delivery though so to me thats worth a copuple of extra quid. Just glad to have something to play on - it was doing my head in not having a keyboard to try out ideas.

Enjoy your new toy :slight_smile:

I use HTFR as a benchmark - but I have heard good things about there service which does make the buying experince more pleasurable

this is off subject but i just got a email from htfr saying that a record i had put on my wishlist in 2002 has just arrived. i was pretty shocked to see their system was so thorough. not going to buy the record anymore though :slight_smile:

there is a reason why HFTR are still going strong as a record store

yeah, they tracked down the danny tenaglia remix of when i grow up by garbage which i had to wait 2 years to find. its nice that some record shops are still making it. most of the ones in the city i live in have gone under.

i ve got the same Oxygene Keyboard 49 blue ! Its pretty cool, all that you need to play some notes in, most you will use the pencil tool :slight_smile: !!:smiley:

[quote]jon_fisher (01/06/2010)[hr]

HTFR are ok but they are usually about 20-40% more expensive on this sort of thing :)[/quote]

Out of curiosity Jon who o you recommend when buying gear?

I don’t know about Jon but I find Dolphin Music spot on, as well as DV247 and Westend Dj. is also really good, but I always start with comparing prices on google first :slight_smile: