***NEW Logic Tutorial*** How To Sound Like 'Drum & Bass' **UPDATED** 23/09/09

In This Tutorial we show you how to create a pumping Drum & Bass style tune using Apples’ Logic Pro.

The course consists of 18 videos and covers everything from the creation of your drums to arranging out your track to the first breakdown!

Part 1 - Drums 1

Part 2 - Drums 2

Part 3 - Drums 3

Part 4 - Compression

Part 5 - Mixing Your Drums

Part 6 - Hoover Bass

Part 7 - Wobbly Bass

Part 8 - Sub Bass

Part 9 - Arrangement Part 1

Part 10 - Bass Part 4

Part 11 - Adding FX

Part 12 - Arrangement Part 2

Part 13 - Arrangement Part 3

Part 14 - Electric Piano

Part 15 - Creating The 2nd Breakdown

Part 16 - Arrangement Part 4

Part 17 - Further FX and Arrangement Part 5

Part 18 - The Final Mixing

Sample And Project Files

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AWESOME SA!!! I can’t wait till I get home!

Good times, Good times!!

Very Nice!!


Thanks for making this in logic :smiley: I was looking forward for a logic tut. This is excellent.

It`s just a little bit to simple.:wink: I 'd like to learn more difficult stuff. Maybe confusing arrangements or more tech stuff.

to be honest, i am not too thrilled by this…

i dont like the overal sound, i dont like the wobbly (wakawaka) bassline,

whole track sounds like 90s/early 00 production… (well not like the best ones like BadCompany / Virus / Underfire), there is no punch in drums, nothing interesting happening, pure clownstep:)

but you know, thats only me, i play DNB for allmost 10 years and i am very picky, maybe next time:)

also im gona watch this, maybe i can find something usefull there (for me)

hey SA… i dont want to discourage you, keep em comming:)

Yeah I would say that this tutorial is for complete novices to get going laying down some decent sounding dnb ideas.

Compared to some of the other tutorials from SA the production standard on the dnb track itself just doesn’t cut it compared to today’s standards.

but, they could continue the series with how to develop whats already covered into a bigger sound.

The recent computer music tutorials where good with sabre, alex pirez, xample and sol and shimon.

But then those style of tutorials are quite fragmented to watch and understand a good working practice from start to end. So I still think this tutorial has some value to it.

DNB is one of the hardest style to produce IMO so its no wonder that they havent managed to cover it in a shortish tutorial series.

I look forward to the follow up series :slight_smile:

Well I think this tutorial is great and I like the little “reggae-like” moment but I wonder when the second part will come out , it’s begninning to be very long…