NEW Make Music With Logic Pro 9 / 411

Video tutorials for Mac users to rejoice about!

Make Music with Logic Pro 9 is Sonic Academy's professional and thorough (17 videos!) Beginners guide to a truly excellent piece of music-creation software, the Mac-exclusive Logic Pro 9!

Get Logic Pro to work for you, whatever your producing style! Make Music with Logic Pro 9 is video training led by Sonic Academy’s professional trainers. Beyond the necessary first steps (getting the software plugged in and running), the series of video lessons leads you further into the music-making capabilities of Logic Pro 9.

Learn all of the specific features of the software in these Logic Pro tutorials – the production software’s Ultrabeat drum machine, ES2 synthesizer and ESX24 sampler, and all the achievable effects for creating top-quality tracks.

Watch this course now! Exclusive to Sonic Academy Web Pass holders