New "Man from Space"track featuring SUPERMAN and The Mechanical Monsters

This track of mine is so much better because you can watch Superman kicking some ass while listening to Synthwave Music. Yes, some early Superman cartoons are public domain now.

Here it is. For me, those old Superman videos totally match the Synthwave vibe. What do you think?

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Agree, this is really cool and yep, definitely matching the Synthwave vibe :wink:

Excellent track BTW, ANA 2 involved of course ? LOL
Great work anyway, congrats :sunglasses:

Excellent track BTW, ANA 2 involved of course ? LOL

Thanks! Yes, ANA 2 takes the heavy burden of the track. All the main instruments, six instances total, including the “Simmons Drum-like” sound. The only tracks that aren’t ANA 2 in this project are an instance of Dune 3 for the bottom end of the bass (it’s a two layer sound), Korg Gadget’s Marseille for the synth vocal choir and Native Instruments’ The Gentleman Piano.

It has been quite fun to write this song and edit the video, actually. I really enjoyed it.

EDIT: Dammit, someone dislikes the video!

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Don’t worry, :sunglasses: some people really just don’t have good taste, or any at all :wink:

excellent work. i like the song a lot.

Thank you!