New Melodic House Track - Clockwork. ooh it's a good one

new song called “Clockwork”. not sure what the genre is…melodic electro tech house possibly lol, but i really like this one.

i will leave feedback for anyone who leaves me feedback, just link me to your track.


Nice track man. Cool mellow and happy melody. Good job with the sounds too, they fit well together.

My only suggestion goes to the drums. They seem like they need a little more presence. Snare/clap could use a little EQ, its getting kind of lost when everything is playing together. Same with the kick.

Goob job tho, I like enjoyed it! I just finished working on a track myself, kinda similar style to yours. Here is the link if you wanna check it out:

Nice Melodies… the intro is really atmospheric.

Its loses it a bit for me at the electro drop… the kick sample isint Phat enough and the electro bass/lead isnt exciting enough… should be wider and more full bodied.

Toward the end when it all kicks in together it has a lot of potential but i think its a bit too “wall of noise” Id really like to hear the rhythm and attack of the stabs more and things generally be a bit more defined.

Few small tweaks could have this sounding great.

Super selection of sounds. I commented on two parts that fully resonated with me.

I think EQ’ing that happy lead, that appears after 3:49, like it sounds at 4:40 would help the track in two ways. Firstly, it would lend the piano more space. Secondly, the happy lead may seem to evoke more emotion if you do that.

I actually went for that in my latest track during the mono lead solo before the first drop by using an EQ’s “telephone” preset. I didn’t use it in my latest version of my “Mulholland Overdrive” though, but it did sound great when I did.

That lovely piano and a modified lead may make the track really evocative.


the drop in a 3:04 is spot in, for me the electro part at the start didn’t do much man, it’s sounding very lonely, beef up the bass and add another second bass hitting on the notes when the first one is quite, something like the complextro vibe… however I think the first part if where you will need to work on, the second part is sounding nice!