New Member, New Production, Electro House - Shock Therapy

Hey everybody. Just want you to have a listen to my track and hear my story:

I’ve been DJing this music for a while. But after a point, I decided I wanted to Produce as well. I made that decision last year in Sept.

Sept 2010. I had no idea what a DAW was. But I knew I wanted to produce EDM. So I picked up Ableton Suite and went at it, FULL FORCE.

I threw myself into really trying to get better, entering remix competitions and just trying new things, and always criticizing everything I produced. I signed up with Sonic Academy I think sometime last month, and let me tell you. The amount of knowledge I have acquired was totally worth the money I’ve spent. I know I sound like an endorsement, but to be able to play my own music in my own sets and people geniunely go crazy for a track I produced, is just nuts to me.

Anyway, I feel I’ve finally produced something that is release worthy albeit with some last minute mixing and mastering.

I am still producing with no midi keyboard and on computer speakers. But I try to make the best with what I got.

Thanks for all the help! and hope you guys enjoy the track!

-Haze ioN

Haze ioN - Shock Therapy (Original Mix) by hazeion

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