New Member's Say Hello

Hey there @Sharon

Welcome to Sonic Academy website & forums :thumbsup:

Hope you’ll enjoy the content & the community :wink:

Cheers !

Hi everyone.

Not new to SA, but new to using the forum.

Hope to contribute where I can and also draw on your knowledge too!

I’m into trance production and lock down has given me the time to pick this back up.

Love it love it love.

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HI there @Spoon242

Welcome to the forums then :wink:
But it seems that you’ve been contributing for quite some time already :wink: Which is great !
( maybe with comments directly on tutorial’s pages and not inside the forums though )
Anyway, that’s cool to see members getting involved in discussions here.

Cheers !

I’m Docjekill hi everyone

Hi there @Docjekill

Welcome to S.A & the forums :wink:

Hello, I am also new here.

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Hey there @ShawSteven

Welcome to Sonic Academy and the forums :wink:

Thanks. Glad to be the part of this community

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Might be handy to get your way around S.A website navigation & features :wink:

Hello There!

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Yeah, awesome! Can’t wait for this new learning opportunity. What do you guys hope to get out of this?

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Hi there @Zeno_Altea

Welcome to S.A and the forums :wink:

It’s the place to level up your Music Production skills, that’s what you should expect :smile:

From learning more about DAWs software to how to use Soft-Synths and plugins, synthesis & sound design, getting full “How To make courses” from renowned producers as if you where sitting in the studio with them and with full DAW Projects available to download to help you dive into their tracks production while following their courses, general music production techniques covering important skills like EQ, Compressors, Mixing…etc, and very good Tech-Tips series from experts as well as hardware review & even interviews… So there’s a lot to dive into & really interesting content IMO.

Make sure to watch the Site Features Video and to use the search features when landing on the Tutorial’s Page to get you started. You have main topics filtering on the left side of the page, refined filter search and also a magnifier icon on the top right page to search by keywords.

Feel free to post on the forums if you have any questions, there’s different topics available and you can leave comments on tutorials or ask questions if something isn’t clear when following a course :wink:

Cheers !

Hey guys
I’m Scrubbing Monkeys. I have been producing music since 1980. I continue to do so off grid in Bahia Brazil. My main instrument is Bass. I really enjoy programing synths of all types.and my mission is to create music and music making tools that last longer than I do…

I’m a Sonic Academy class off 2015 dropout. Back once again for the renegade master…

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Welcome back then :wink:

heyyy, I’m excited to finally learn how to mix and master

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Welcome to the Forums & Sonic Academy :wink:

Hey, I’m Jack!
I hope I find like-minded people here and just have fun

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Welcome aboard Jack :wink:

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Hi, thought I’d just say hello, after already breaking the ice with a huge long post elsewhere.

I’m an old music hobbyist, just like making music on tape or whatever, always have. How old, you say? I started on a Tascam Portastudio, ping-ponging tracks till they bled. My first computer was a Yamaha CX-5M, with cassette tape for storage, later I got a floppy, and heard rumors of “hard drives.” That was quite a thing, it had cartridges you stuck in to do FM synthesis, and an extended Basic programming language with music commands. Old, is what I’m saying.

I’ve always played guitar, but I’ve got time now and I’ve taught myself keyboard over the last couple of years, which has really opened up new doors for me. I’ve caught up on most of the plug-in tutorials I came here for as I audition a bunch of software, but I’m also going to be looking at electronic genres that I can learn and draw inspiration from, even though it’s not really what I do. Like I say, as I keep sitting at the keyboard instead of picking up a guitar, my music is mutating, it’s mutatin’ time for me. It’s fun. Making music is a ton of fun. I probably won’t post much, wanted to at least say hey.

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