New Oliver Huntemann album

Out now. Forgot this was coming. Anyone picked it up yet? Beatport, for once, actually have it cheaper than iTunes. Probably buy it this weekend.


Yeah - read an article about this a while back - will definitely check, check it out.

What’s his style these days?

I heard a track - its a little tech housey for my liking but will probably get it :slight_smile:

I take it all back I like about 80% of it

Just started listening to it now… Very tech house, but the sounds are fkn great in it.

Really enjoying it so far.

Aaaghgh - The singing!! :hehe:

Some very proggy stuff on it?

And snake charming music?

I’d go with liking 50% of it - and the 50% of it that I like is the overall production & quality of sounds. Some really nice synths in it.

Right, downloading it now from iTunes. Again, Beatport are overpriced for standard mp3s. I accept that we have to pay more for wavs or AIFFs but they should price match or undercut iTunes for a standard mp3 album.

I think that the Beatport version has two extra instrumentals on it. Meh.

Believe me, the instrumentals are better than the full versions!!

Oh don’t say that… :ermm:

Its just that the vocals are “not cool” - if you get what I mean.

Thats just my opinion - I’m sure that the majority of listeners will love the entire album. He’s a great producer & ultra skillful.

I definitely admire himself & bodzin - but I dont always like their music. I think thats part of the German psyche, the lines are blurred at what is cool & what we would consider gimpy. I personally cant stomach anything in the latter catagory - LOL :) :cool:

Playing it loud at work at the moment - ah the benefits of ad agency life - third track in and so far so great.

Yeah - the 1st few are good :slight_smile:

You’re right about the sound choices/synthesis. Some really really good sounds in here. Def more of a listening album than a dancing one but that’s not a bad thing.

God damn but this is a good album.

On a somewhat related note, I’ve just bought this


Haven’t listened to it yet apart from the brief snips that Beatport has up. Liked them so I bought it. Marketing in action :wink:

Yeah, heard about that one a while back… havent heard it yet. 

Know most of the tracks & have a good few of 'em, so should be decent :smiley:

Disapointed that there was no Black Lace on it.

New Xhin album should be fresh as fk.

On the list.

Looked like a great line up for the album launch in London :cool:

Couple of good tracks on the Xhin album.

Teeth is fkn great.

Rest is too “Pretend Aphex Twin”.