New one from me

Actually used these vox to create the track around but at the moment the instrumental is with my vocalist to create something new so I can get around licensing and all that balls :slight_smile:

Anyways short sample, hope you like.

Funky / Disco House

I enjoyed that a lot. Loved the sidechain sound moving left and right.

Very professional Rob though I thought the panned sounds were a bit too much. Personally I’d have used them for transitions or mini breaks rather than as a foundation.

Great track overall though.

Thanks guys, appreciate your time to comment.

I do agree about the panned & filtered sound, I kept debating on it myself and as you can hear at the end of the sample I take it away.

But at the same time I like it and i felt it brought something interesting to the track, I’m thinking perhaps bring the amount of shift down slightly.

Hey man,

Great job.

I really like it.

I have to agree with Jon though.

It takes away from the bigness (yes, bigness…:hehe:) of the chorus.
Things like this are good in small doses.
Also, I think a little work could be done on the vocal as well.
Just a little to dry to where it sounds like its separate from the song.
I would add a little reverb to bring it into the mix a little more.

Great track dude. Absolutely loved the bass, very groovy and slappy. Did you record a real bass player or was that a synth haha?

love that bassline and i actually liked the panned sounds :slight_smile:

Yeah I am with ekko on this one, the panned sounds are a nice addition.

Personally I wouldnt change it but if a change was needed then maybe just reducing how fast it swings left and right? But that might cause it to clash with the rhythm of the track? Either that or reduce how far it swings…

Cheers guys! Always value honest opinions, much better than mates who don’t know anything about production saying ‘yeah i like it’ or ‘not really for me’, whilst they are good resource too, actually having producer ears and ideas is so much more valued!

I’ve already since the upload brought the size of the pan ‘in’ a bit so it’s not so wide, what i’ve done is added extra width in certain areas in the transition to new sections, i may change that though when i go back to it… just waiting for my vocalist to get back to me with the new vox.

I’ll let you know when i’ve got them done and processed, will be a new track pretty much then. :slight_smile:

really nice mix can any one is here ready to transcribe it???

Such kind of offers wont come any time…

Hi Roben,

Been a long time since you posted a new track lol!!!. Good work like the disco type filtered feel to the track, as always you deliver. Not sure about the vocals not sure they fit right but then again if your vocalist is re-doing them then i’ll wait and see what the finished article is like. Have a listen to a sample track i posted on here - think the post is entiled test. First time i have ever made a track so any comments of criticism you can offer would be good  pal.