New order confusion deep remake

Hey guys been a member of sonic academy for years but never really got involved in the forums but getting fed up getting to a certain point in my tracks and Then never finishing them. so I thought id start with feed back on this track ive been working on the last few days . its a remake of one of ma fave bands from the 80’s /90’s any feedback on how I can improve the track will be greatly appreciated


Cool track but it’s always a bit difficult to give feedback on a remake or rework.

Suggestions here for me would be :

  • Lower the Kick volume, it’s really loud comparing to other elements.
  • Keeping a more centered lead vocal part, at the moment it’s spread Left and Right. You can duplicate the lead vocal, make it Mono and blend it with the stereo processed vocals.
  • Doing the reverse with the hats, spreading them to sides, actually having them bouncing from left to right would give more movement and rhythm to the Mix IMHO.

Mate thanks so much for the advice really appreciated :sunglasses: yeah the kick is definitely too loud jumped in the car for a listen and the kick was too overpowering. I’ll give that a try with the vocal and the drums tbh was thinking about changing the drum part as felt there was not enough groove to them . Again thanks for listening and for the feed back :ok_hand:

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