New Original Electro Song

Hey guys & gals (not that there’s any girls here :crazy: ),

Here is my newest song called “Leave It Behind”.

It is still not mastered and it’s also my first attempt at mixing a song down myself, so any comments are greatly appreciated. The vocals were down with my new singer through my school’s studio.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

P.S. Sorry it’s a link. For some reason the html button is on the blink again. :angry:

Love the gliding bass, sounds hot. Very nice track, pretty good singer too.

At the Library at Uni so my headphones are on real low, cant comment on mixdown all too much.

ooh love it! great great bass sounds and great energy in this track. nice work.

Not sure if this is allowed but this deserves a bump to the top! Keep it up bro, always love hearing your stuff!

Thanks for the great reviews guys!!!

It really means alot hearing quality feedback from my peers.

Everyone on here helps me progress in one way or another and I hope I help you guys with the little bit of knowledge that I have.  :smiley:

@Mistro, thanks for the bump!! LOL That’s awesome!!

Ok, some of you mentioned how the kick was a little weak in the mix. I think I worked it out now. If you don’t mind, please let me know if it works ok or not now.

Thanks as always,