New original house music

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new original house jam, as always any feedback is greatly
Have a good one guys!

Kick and bass do not go well with each other. That synth bass needs some EQing, it sounds like its taking up a lot of space in the mix. Other than that, its not really my type of music so I’m no expert at this genre but I’m not fond of it

Ax, you should really go back to your DAW and change settings on most of the tracks. Bass is far to heavy. Barely hear the kick piercing
Is the bass cut off in the low freqs? Is there a sidechain on it?

ye its sidechained and eq’d… br
getting a nice solid kick and bass to mix well has been something i continue to struggle with and im starting to think its what i monitor on…br
i use two krk 5’s to reference but i also have a ****ty logitech sub as well and i have always had the suspicion that the sub is throwing things off in terms of getting a nice mix…br
any ideas on that?br

Turn off the
Listen carefully and check whether the pads, bassline and kick have their lowcuts. All 3 shouldn’t interfer
Turn down the pads and bassline a bit. Listen what it’s doing for your track.

will do partner…much appreciated!