New original minimal track

some new original minimal, as always any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Hi dude, hope all’s good with you?

Just had a listen to your track. I think it flows really well and there’s a good solid beat to it with smooth transitions. I like the use of FX in it too!

Personally for me it feels like it needs something else as the energy stays the same all the way through. That might be the feel that you are going for though (I’m not really up on my knowledge of minimal)

Overall its a really solid sounding track :smiley:

glad you liked it :D!

hmm as far as the energy of the track as a whole is concerned i felt it had enough dynamics to keep it grooving, however i would love to hear what u think might give the track an overall boost in that department…

also how did the overall mixing/mastering sound? Ive really been trying to get everything sitting nice in the mix and would love to hear feedback in that regard.

as always though i greatly appreciate the feedback.