New original track - based on Sonic Academy's Peak time trance -ableton

and here are the lyrics:br
went to townbr
for a good timebr
stood outsidebr
waited in linebr
paid the coverbr
they took my last dimebr
holy geezbr
I must be outta my mindbr
bought a drinkbr
now what have we here?br
is that a girl?br
or is that a queer?br
hey there fellabr
I’ll make one thing clearbr
gonna rope me a cowbr
not buck me a steerbr
and i wonderbr
have i stepped outta time?br
or maybe yetbr
crossed over some line?br
I wonder stillbr
do they have any soul?br
I wonder nowbr
where’s my rock and roll?br
i clap my handsbr
i stamp my feetbr
to guitar stringsbr
and the crazy backbeatbr
now i feel itbr
as i’m losing controlbr
going crazybr
where’s my rock roll?br
going crazybr
where’s my rock roll?br
twist shoutbr
I twist all aroundbr
to the Stones and Beatles soundsbr
did you know?br
it might come as a shock…br
Buddy and Bill br
rockin’ around the clockbr
after thembr
time to be freebr
with the Doorsbr
and their LSDbr
Elvis surebr
the man would be kingbr
while Bowie manbr
he just did his own thingbr
there was punkbr
then along came grungebr
we soaked it upbr
just like a spongebr
Kurt checked outbr
we were left with a Holebr
where the hellbr
is my rock and roll?br
hear the DJ?br
up to his tricks?br
no more riffsbr
no guitar licksbr
robot musicbr
it seems like the goalbr
where the hell is my rock and roll?br
rock and roll…br
where the hell…br
is my rock and roll?br
my rock and roll…br
where’s my rock and roll?