New Peak Time/ Driving Techno: I'd love some feedback!

It’s taken me ages but here’s my attempt at peak time/ driving techno. I’d really appreciate any feedback.
drrkbeats (Rick)

Hi there,

Nice track, good choice of sounds and the arrangement works well :wink:

Now to me, there’ some issues with mixing in this one. Lot’s of unwanted low end that you can filter out with an EQ and a High Pass filter. Next to this ( and also linked to this ) the bass and the kick are fighting for space resulting in a ‘boomy’ sounding kick and distorted bass. So the overall low end mixing could be improved in this track.

Everything synths and other percussion is sitting very much in the front and very loud ( level wise ) so after cutting off some unwanted lo end and getting your Kick and Bass working together, you should try to re-balance the all mix starting with Kick and Bass channels and then bringing in other elements to appropriate levels.

Hope this helps !

Cheers :wink:

This course is interesting for Kick and Bass IMO : Mixing Kick and Bass with Protoculture

Thanks, that really helps. I’ve already done battle with the kick and bass (sidechain, EQ etc) but I knew that the fight wasn’t fully resolved. I’ll do as you say: get the kick + bass working and then get the other elements added and rebalanced.
Cheers again

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