New piano house

Nice classic piano house track indeed. Like the progression & the vocals are great (is it from a sample pack ?). Good blend of those classic sounds, just not sure about the plucky synth introduced around 3:39, it sounds much more modern than the other elements and since it wasn’t introduced in the first part of the track, it kind of jump out and for me it doesn’t fit, maybe use another sound.

That said you mixed this one really hot and I’m missing some groove, the drums sounds quite harsh & gated, very transient based, I’m missing that housier flow. So I don’t know if it’s compression or if you had to make the drums part transient heavy because of the kick drum which IMO is the real issue here : I would definitely pitch up that kick and tame the low end. It sounds really like an octave below the track at the moment and probably takes a lot of energy in the mix. Tuning up the kick and removing unwanted low end and bring it’s level down could really help to get a better mix balance and use more groovy drums.

That’s it for my 2cts feedback :wink:
Nice work

Cheers !

I would agree with Tekalight. The biggest issue here is the Kick. Everything said about it. I also like the vocal and would like to know from where you got this. I think you can keep the classic synth unless it is indeed a bit “newer”. I just would take out some deep mids. Or just set it an octave higher. It really conflicts with the kick otherwise.
Apart from that I like the timbre of the piano but you have to bring in some life. Just add staccato notes for bit extra groove in 1/8 scheme and play with velocity.

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It’s off splice I cant remember the name I’ll have a look tonight. Cheers guys I agree. I made the kick in kick 2. Back to the drawing board on that one lol