New prog house track

would love some feedback on this, i think it has potential if i can get it sounding a bit tighter :slight_smile:

Midnight resistance by ekkobot

Nice track. I’ll listen again asap and post specific comments if I have any.

Hey Mate, I’ve had a another listen or two and don’t have anything to suggest other than the usual EQ and mixdown things that I’m sure you’re already sorting out.

Cool track.

thanks jon, yeah it needs some work still, i might add in a subtle percussion loop as well, maybe some of the sections seem to go on for abit with enough changing, either that or i’ll cut a few mins off it

Yeah, sometimes less is more for track length. I try to limit myself to 7 minutes to make sure I don’t go overboard for length. Plus, sometimes I’ll try to figure out what 3:40 min version would be, just as an exercise.

Cool tune! Maybe a little long though :slight_smile:

thanks robin, yeah i might cut a few mins off it, i didnt set out to make it so long just kinda turned out that way…