New Prog House

I put a few of Prydz tunes in Logic and just kept referencing them for this track, followed the same sort of process as the track rewinds and fast build (although it wasn’t very fast). Also tried to keep it to a minimum of layers and concentrate on each sound, hopefully it’s a better tune for it. Nothing on the master bus yet

Hi, there is som very nice and catchy melodies inside. But for my taste is the arrangment not working like this. After something of 2:50 there are so many synths playng togehter that is to much and its annoying me a bit. You have to decide wich synth melodie is the main in each part. Try to do filterautomation to bring them in the background or in the front. Not that much elements for so long time together. Do different parts where you feature each synth and do some variations with filters, notes etc. another point is the sound. i would recomand you to get an analog synth (theres now lots of cheap or used ones to get)and do with that the bassline. To give it more “balls”. So far my opinions. Greets:)

In terms of the structure I’ve copied an Eric Prydz track but it obviously doesnt gel as well as his track. There’s a lot of leads going on which I’ve tried to filter in and out but youre right it needs more of an identity in terms of which is the main lead. Appreciate the comments, great to get some feedback. :slight_smile:

Yeaah in this forum its hard to get some feedback. I posted 2 Tracks in the last weeks and got no feedback. therefore i want to please you to give me as well feedback. I gave you feedback you give me :wink: even if its not your style of music you can tell me what is disturbing you or what you like or if youve got some ideas. Iwould appreciate it as well very much. Thanks and here is the Track:br
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I’m out and about next few day but will give it a blast when I get home!

SamJam, Just gave your track a listen. Overall nice tune, well mixed, everything seems to have it’s place, good FX, like the strings and the main
For me the off beat bassline lets it down a bit, it’s a little too flabby, if that’s the right term, doesn’t gel with the kick enough and sticks out in the mix and i think it could do with another bass element to drive it
Also the drop should have more impact, needs more filtering before it kicks back in and then some crashes to give it something extra, at the moment it just comes back in with no real
Also listened to another one of your tunes on soundcloud, Loopie Groupe Refreshed which I preferred to Sunny Glitch, really nice track, but again, the bass wasn’t tight enough for me, that’s the only comment I have on that one, nice production. :)br

Wow jimmy this is awesome dude! Intro is nice love that tail on the kick…build up was nice but the impact felt lacking for me…the drop is definitely sweet these synths youre using are like butttaaaa…but needs a way heavier sidechain in my opinion…ive been getting really good results just using a tempo tap as a trigger for my side chain and just pushing it to the limit with a really quick releasebr
got a great track here jimmy im really impressed with what you’ve done musically nice job

Cheers James, glad you like it. I’m using Romero’s Kickstart for the sidechain on all the basses and fiddled endlessly with it, very hard to know how far to go!br
Chris (from here) recommended I just zero all the faders and mix it again from scratch, reckoned it was a bit over compressed, so perhaps I’ll get more impact once I do the mix again. My problem is I’m restricted to headphones at the moment. Might wait until I can get it on my monitors before I re-do the
Musically i was very happy with it, best thing I’ve done. :slight_smile:

Your buildups are very long, just like prydz are of course. Except his are a bit more dramatic. You might want to consider lowering the filter cutoff at the begining of the builds, and inserting some heavy crashes/impacts at the drop points (Let people know where the power points are). And yeah some of the sounds are really nice, but you might want to consider distinguishing what the main leads are like someone said
These are all just in my humble opinion though, perhaps I don’t know what the **** I’m talking about lol!br
but i do see potential!

Also, I feel like alot of people come on here and post about what THEY would have done different in the posted track. But it’s not about that really, it’s about YOUR vision and where YOU want to take the music. Don’t let anyone sway you from your
Nice Work

Cheers for the comments Chabs. It’s very hard to replicate what prydz does with his builds, one of the things i noticed is he does a lot of automation on his delays and quick lead changes towards drop points which I’ve tried to do, but I suppose there’s a reason he’s where he is and I’m sat at home! ha ha. All I can do is keep plugging away until I nail
My biggest enemy is I don’t really know what I want to make, change my mind on a weekly basis, 1 minute it’s 140bpm trance, then prog trance, then prog house and the latest thing Im doing is more techno, I don’t care as long as I’m enjoying myself doing it.