New "Prog/Trancy" Track: Shattered Pieces

A variation of Broken Piece, personally prefered the original but I was messing around with the MIDI files from it and somehow pulled this out the bag... Only things used from the original where the MIDI's, everything else is technically new (piano pretty much sounds the same though...).
Shoulda worked on the mixdown some more but have a bunch of assignments due soon :(


I really like this.

Great job.

Beautiful sounds and all.

Thanks :smiley:

Was originally worried the sidechained lead/pad was just not flowing well with the piano but it seems to be working better now after not listening to it for a while.

enjoyed that mate, reminded me a bit of sashas belfunk track from years ago but with a trancier twist, also it didnt sound all straight from the sweetie shop like most trance sounds like these days, good job :slight_smile:

Very well done! although i think the Sound going on in the stereo can be pushed more back in the mix to add a larger sense of depth (that reversed type sound).

Thanks for the compliments everyone :smiley:

@Subject: Definately agree with you but as always I am just so strapped for time… No time for a proper mixdown :frowning:

@ekko: Thanks dude! Sasha during his Xpander times was godly… Just wish he’d go back to that!

A good tip for the pianos is to lower the velocities really low and compress the **** out of it, or use limiters and brick wall it, it wont make it sound as bright and will sound mellower

That intro is sick,

Trance is not really my thing, so my comment wont carry much weight, but for me id like to hear that track where the bass is the more prominent sound rater than the arpeggiated sound (maybe the mixdown would fix this i donno) i know its only a small segment but from 6.00 to 6.17mins really hooked me cuz the bass had lots of room or somethin.

Will def like to hear the finished article tho :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

@Mr. Nobody: Definately agree with you with the trance stuff. Personally really dislike trance but every now and then you do still get a great trance track come out of nowhere.

@Subject: Will definatey look into that tip when I get a chance. Thanks!