New proggy trancey track... i think anyway!

hey guys, just finished this track. all feedback is very welcome :smiley:

still waiting to get a track signed so any critism that could help me achieve that is also very much appreciated.

the day that happens im gunna have a huge party and your all invited :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW. soundcloud has just killed the dynamics somehow

New track by George Kadar

in some parts it seems there is far too much going on, certain parts are drowning out others, might just be me, other than that seems a really good and catchy tune, stuck in ma head now.

Ok first of im pretty bad on progressive cos its not really a genre i listen to so im not sure how a track should be structured and arranged so on that point unfortunately i cant help.

I think your melodies, and chord progressions and sounds etc sound great. Really nice feel good vibes and it kinda feels like uplifting trance sorta slowed down a bit. Which i like cos im a fan of uplifting. So thats cool.

Now the bass for me lacks a bit of body and i feel it gets drowned out a bit cos ure other sounds are also big and wet. So maby just a case of some tighter mixdown but it can be difficult to get everything sitting nicely together. I mean you have a lot of stuff going on at the same time. Everything seems to happen really fast, i thought prog was a bit more chilled out. Not that this is a bad thing cos the proggy stuff thats like listening to a stab with the filter constantly opening a little bit bores me to tears. So its nice to have more stuff happening.

Also the bit where your main melody comes in and you glitch it up. This to my ears just doesnt go and kinda makes it sound weird and to me sorta ruins a nice sounding melody. I was expecting a really massive build up and drop but once again dont know if this is a trait in proggy stuff. It just feels like you have a lot of cool sections that need to be tyed together better.

But i like all your sounds, the piano and stabs is nice, the drum groove is cool and swings quite a bit imo, its cool.

Hope this helps, but your really better off hearing from someone more familiar in this genre.

thanks guys, there does seem to be a lot going on so i’ll see if taking things out helps :smiley: